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A summary analysis

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Health Disclosure Decision-Making
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Health Disclosure Decision-Making
The case involves Dr. Berry, an anesthesiologist expert at Lakeview Medical. Dr. Berry’s investigations commence after nurses notice his poor performance caused by his drug-related problem. The legal conclusion, in this case, was to terminate Dr. Berry’s employment for the best interest of patients at the hospital. This decision was important as it meant to enhance patient’s safety at the hospital. It helped get rid of the incompetent doctor, minimize the damage he would have caused the hospital and escape the unnecessary chaos. Terminating Dr. Berry was a way to avoid crossing legal boundaries and ensuring there is no damage to the hospital-client relationships. Also, it lends a hand in safeguarding the hospital’s reputation to the community, maintains healthy doctor-patient relationships and improves anesthesia services at Lakeview hospital. Lastly, it was a professional way to warn doctors with similar issues to amend their ways.
According to Greene (2015), health-related records are maintained by the documentation section of the healthcare unit as per the guidelines of HIPAA. The patient is allowed to have access to a copy of their records and not the original document. The physical health records are issued to health management and the physician in charge of producing it. There are strict bureaucratic processes involved before a patient’s health information can be…

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