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A response essay to an article

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A Response to Open Educational Resources: The Educational Ecosystem Comes to Life
Education has evolved over time from the traditional teacher-student interaction in a classroom to a more liberal digital space on the World Wide Web. Open Educational Resources (OERs) are broadly defined as freely accessible, openly licensed educational material that can be modified, improved and shared digitally. OERs have revolutionized the way we learn today. They have provided an interactive, transformative online platform where both teachers and students can learn and improve.
OERs have reduced the cost of education by eliminating the need to buy expensive textbooks. With the ever-rising cost of tuition, digital platforms provide a cheaper way of accessing educational material. Students can access whole textbooks, do their research and interact with other learners and educators conveniently (Lisa, 2010). OERs have also made it possible for learners to access education without attending classes and paying hefty institutional fees.
Since OERs can be modified and improved; they provide a superior learning tool over ink and paper. Educators find this useful in customizing what they teach in class to suit their students better. The specificity provided by these resources helps save time and provides higher quality educational content (Sanchez, 2013).Faculties can collect data, do research, and provide relevant content for their classes. OERs have made this possible by p…

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