A Reflection/ opinion of The Professors

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A Reflection/ opinion of The Professors

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Date:A Reflection of “The Professors”
The topic for the seventh episode in the eleventh season of “The Professors” focused on the comparison of charter schools and public schooling system as evident in the United States with a specific focus on Chicago area. The primary points in the material episode thus included a focus on the public education system that has in the recent past received a minor division that includes the charter schools. Subsequently, while both the charter school and the public schools share similar systems and processes, the minor distinctions in operations formed the subject of discussion. The distinctions include the demographic categories of the children in the institutions who are mostly colored individuals from economically disadvantaged communities (WYCC PBS Chicago). Other considerations in the included the formation of unions for teachers within the charter and public schools, in addition to educational content and outcomes that include the academic performance and scored that the children in the separate institutions obtain during an examination.
In my perspective, the debate pitting charter schools and public schools represent an issue that is of special consideration in the United States with the public concerns over the education system (WYCC PBS Chicago). The critical topics in the discussion include the academic performance of learners in the two institutions in addition to their eventual contribution to societ…

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