A plan to be the Commander of an Encampment

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A plan to be the Commander of an Encampment

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A plan to be the Commander of an Encampment

The encampment will comprise of NCOs, and cadet officers and all members are expected to participate in an active manner. The training will be as usual and for those attending it for the first time; the rest will accord you all the necessary support to be a part of the team. Just like the previous commanders, my leadership philosophy is simple and straightforward. We shall be expected to do the right thing during at the right time and place. Thus, a discipline of the highest standard will be expected. We shall engage in consultative training with coordinated efforts to ensure all members gain the same experience and skills. The practice will run for six days every week. All members will carry personal belongings, and those requesting individual reservations should apply two weeks in advance.
Our primary objective during the encampment is to gain relevant skills as cadets while interacting with the external environment in different ways. Also, we aim to have quality training that will support our military as well as humanitarian skills. We shall also develop some routine drill requirements that will be used for specific inspections. Similarly, the encampment will aim at assessing our ability to deliver the entire delegated mandate while out of the camp.
All members are expected to promote excellence throughout the training (Yan and Zhou, 2008). Also, safety precautions will be observed to minimize da…

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