A long way home comman essay

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A long way home comman essay

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Saroo Brierley’s Qualities and Strategies
Saroo Brierley’s experiences prove that life is always full of puzzles. As a child, Saroo grew up just any other ordinary kid in the rural India who could at times sleep hungry because his poor parents could not afford daily bread. Nonetheless, what make Saroo heroic are not his childhood experiences, but his ability to relocate his home 25 years after getting lost. In his memoir A Long Way Home, Saroo narrates how he managed to use technology to reunite with his family many years after getting lost. To achieve all these, Saroo had to be a resilient human being full of peculiar qualities. This paper analyzes the strategies and qualities that enabled Saroo to trace his family after spending 25 years in Tasmania, his new home.
First and foremost, Saroo managed to succeed in relocating his home because of his determination. Despite getting lost at age five in the year 1986, he was still able to go back to his home in 2012, 25 years later. This is a clear indication that he was so determined to meet his family members. If he were like any other person, he would not have bothered to do so. After all, he had gotten a new home in which he had to meet new people and become so successful. However, his determination to trace his home did not die. Right from 1986, he had been trying to do so. At one time, he nearly drowned in River Ganges while trying to trace his way back home. Because of his determinations…

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