A long way home by saroo brierley

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A long way home by saroo brierley

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Annotated Bibliography on “A Long Way Home”
Brierley, Saroo. A Long Way Home. Melbourne, Vic.: Penguin Group Australia, 2013
This book is a memoir of its author – Saroo Brierley who is an Indian-Australian businessman. In the book, the author recounts how he got lost in a train in India at the age of five. According to the book, Saroo could hardly read or write he could not even recall his hometown. Brierley writes, “I’d been picked off the streets of Calcutta” transferred to an agency and later to a family that adopted him (Brierley n.p). The book gets interesting when the author brings in his story of triumph. He first appreciates what his adopters had done for him then goes into using Google earth to find his way home. After years of searching the book reports that he found a clue of how he could get home and he set off to find his family.
Wetherbee, Karina. “Book Review: A Long Way Home, by Saroo Brierley.” VailDaily.com, www.vaildaily.com/entertainment/book-review-a-long-way-home-by-saroo-brierley/.
In this review, Wetherbee describes Saroo’s book as astounding. According to the Wetherbee, the book has a happy ending where a young man reunites with his family. It talks of how miraculous the reunion is having in mind the story is set in a real world. The story spans thirty years from his earliest years in India. The review highlights that the boy lived in poverty while in India but was surrounded by the gre…

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