A letter to my granddaughter

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A letter to my granddaughter

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A letter to my Granddaughter
My sweet granddaughter, I know I have not written a letter to you since you were a child, but today, I shall do it again. Remember all he struggles I told you about? I will tell you about all those again. My dear, memory is one of the most important things we have, and I would not want you to forget all the things that we, as women, have achieved.
I grew up in the 60’s when the civil rights movement was beginning. For me, it was something strange, since my father had told me that women belonged to the house, and I would not have expected to get a college education. However, after studying for a few years, my mind had expanded, and I knew my worth (Harrison 1). You would not believe it now, but in before 1964, there was a rampant discrimination to us women. We could not attain the same jobs man had, and if we did, we were paid way less. That is way, I teamed up with other women and created the National Organization for Women (Harrison 11). Also, when your mother wanted to play sports in school, they would not let her, as they believed that there were sports that were not suited for girls. It was not until the 1972 ban on sex discrimination in schools that she was able to play the sports she wanted (Thomas). And although she was just a child who did not understand much, she was happy to know she could play with the boys, and that did not make it less of a woman. Do you rem…

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