A Letter From A Soldier At Valley Forge To His Wife

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A Letter From A Soldier At Valley Forge To His Wife

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A Letter from a Soldier at Valley Forge to His Wife
My wife Jane, I am very sorry I had to run from home to join the army, masquerading myself as a boy, but it is something I had to do. As you know, most of my friends left for the army and I had to follow that line. I thought I had what it takes to serve in the Continental Army, but I think I made the wrong decision.
It is winter and we have camped at Valley Forge. You know how I manage through the winter, but the conditions here have made life difficult for us. There are no supplies, no food, clothes or anything coming our way. We have no shoes and uniforms, and the few we have are rugs that are likely to fall off soon. I pity other soldiers because mine is tattered, but it is better than what they have. It is difficult for us to preserve our wears because we have to put them on daily. We are hungry every second and fresh meat is not available. I am even afraid to tell you what we have been eating in this camp. I know it may seem to you that I am complaining, but honestly, the condition at Valley Forge is worse.
I am sympathetic with General Washington because he has found it problematic to keep the army together. Many people are dying, whereas others are cowards who have decided to desert the army. Even the commissioned officers are resigning. It is tough to keep the spirits high, but we are trying to cope with the situation by being humorous.
I, however, underst…

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