A Just Society

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A Just Society

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A Just Society
It is remarkable and unbelievable how America as a society has become more just and tolerant especially since the implementation of the Japanese Internment camps during the Second World War. A just and tolerant society is characterized by fair treatment or behaving in a morally upright manner. Therefore, it is apparent that America has become a more just and tolerant society, especially to the minority group, for different views and by generations.
American society has become more tolerant of minority and controversial groups. Statistics have revealed a more tolerant and just America. Notably, in the past, the minority and controversial groups never had freedom of expression. For example, a study conducted by San Diego University students revealed that the percentage of individuals who were comfortable with gay teachers had risen from 52% to 85% (MSLJ 1).
America has also become more tolerant of different views. In the past racism would barely be noticed. However, today, the Americans have become intolerant of the racists. Whenever noticed swift actions could be taken for the racist (SDSU 1). “You never really understand a person until you climb into his skin and walk around it” (Lee 70). Notably, this quote reveals that the Americans have sought to understand the minority groups.
American society has become more tolerant and just with generation. As years soldiers on, the Americans become more and more just and tolerant. …

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