A Doll’s House

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A Doll’s House

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A Doll’s House
Torvald demeans his wife, Nora, with an array of pet names.
He calls her names like Skylark, squirrel, featherhead, bird, and featherbrain. He adds the word “little” before each title, and this belittles Nora, who doesn’t seem to care.
Nora harbors a secret about how she once saved her husband’s life.
During the first year of the Helmer’s marriage, Torvald got ill due to long working hours. The doctor prescribed him a trip to Italy as the only alternative to recover. Due to poverty, Nora admits having borrowed a loan without Torvald’s knowledge to fund the trip (Brietzke 38).
Krogstad threatens to explain in a letter to Torvald, what Nora did.
Krogstad helped Nora with the loan she doesn’t want her husband to know about. Nora also is yet to clear the loan payment. He also knows Nora forged her dad’s signature after his death to acquire the loan. With all this information, he affords to blackmail Nora.
Explain the social issues discussed in the play
A wide range of social issues has been discussed in this play, with the focus being on the value of money in the society, social taboos and the role of men in the community. In this play, money seems to be viewed as the cure of all problems in life. Nora is particularly happy when her husband finds a job as a bank manager, to make more money. Krogstad also blackmails Torvald for a better paying job (Brietzke 38). Social taboo is se…

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