A complaint letter

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A complaint letter

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A Complaint Letter
David Austin66 Diamond StreetDermott, AR 71638-2039
22nd December, 2018
Property ManagerSunrise Apartments Limited66 Diamond StreetDermott, AR 71638-2039
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to register a complaint against Malibu Club.
Ever since the club’s establishment in the building, other tenants and I have been deprived of the personal peace and calmness that we have enjoyed in the past. Malibu plays loud music, most of which are accompanied by the high base from the club’s loudspeakers. The loud music and high base have often resulted in the trembling of walls to our houses and subsequently made us stop whatever we were doing as the noises are very disruptive. And since the club plays music the whole night, it means we have to stay awake although when we have to wake up early for work.
Our efforts to negotiate to stop the noises in the club have been futile as our requests have often been perceived by the rude club manager as illogical. According to him, he is equally a tenant and has all the rights to do whatever he wants with his business. Most of us have kids who go to school, and the noises have affected their performances at school as they are unable to concentrate on their homework due to these loud sounds. Additionally, the walls of most houses have begun cracking due to the weakening pressure from the loudspeakers, endangering tenants’ liv…

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