A Birthday by Emily Dickinson

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A Birthday by Emily Dickinson

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Explicating a Poem – A Birthday by Emily Dickinson
It is essential to divide a poem into the internal and external factors to explain most easily. The internal factors of a poem deal with matters that are carried by the message of the poem. They include the subject matter, the speaker or the persona. The external factors include the author, tone, themes and so on.
The internal factors also the internal environment. They are factors within the poem, to begin with, is the subject matter. This is what the poem is all about, the main agenda in the poem. In this case, it is all about a birthday, how the persona was preparing for his/her birthday after waiting for a whole year for this time to come. The persona here or the speaker could be anyone waiting for their birthday to come. It is that time of the year that people wait for long enough. (Wordsworth, William, and Meyer Howard Abrams, p. 1857)
The external features the poem has to include the author. The poem was written by Emily Dickinson, a renowned poet with thousands of English poems. The tone used in the poem is a happy one, the persona is expecting something good and hence is happy. The themes used in the poem include the subject of celebration (Wordsworth, William, and Meyer Howard Abrams, p. 1857). The theme above is visible as the poem is about some happy moments of an individual’s life to celebrate the far they have come, the recent success they have and then put more and better pla…

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