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Customer Participation Across Different Services
In low-level customer participation services, the services are usually standardized and are provided regardless of the individual purchases are the only input required of the customer (Hubbert n. pag). An example of this service is the towing service in which a customer is not required to do anything engaging. The only thing required of a towing customer is payment for the service provided and their presence during the service to ensure that everything is done well and that their car is handled with care to avoid any further damages.
Services that require moderate levels of customer participation need consumer inputs for successful service creation. The provision of these services first requires customer purchase. At this level, the firm provides all the services, but customer inputs are needed for adequate outcomes. An example this kind of service is a massage service. In a massage, first and foremost the customer is required to pay for the specific kind of massage they want. The customer then presents him or herself to the masseuse who performs the service by the customer’s preference. The customer provides low levels of participation in doing things like changing their body position and turning over their body.
The third level of services is one in which the customers participate fully and co-create the services offered. In this level, the customized service is guided by the…

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