5th Grade Science

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5th Grade Science

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Wind power produces clean energy as it does not contribute to global warming or climate change. The purpose of the project is to determine if it is possible to make a wind turbine and to explain how the different parts of a wind turbine work. The hypothesis was that the turbine with different curved position would work better and yield more energy than other turbines.
The materials that were used to accomplish the project include marbles, one-liter bottles, string, tape, glue and scissors among others. In making the turbine, the following steps were followed; marbles were placed in the cut bottle, one bottle was placed on top of the other, and three rotors were created. Next, holes were drilled on the bottle caps. One rotor was placed inside the water bottle and Tape was used to stick safety pin to the straw. After that, String and washer were added to the straw. Finally, the two curved rotors which were made were tested.
One of the rotors that were tested was curved and moved in the opposite direction of the wind while the other one moved in the same direction as the wind. Having tested the two rotors, it was observed that the rotor curved on the opposite direction worked efficiently and it produced more air. The other rotor moving in the same direction was moving less efficiently thus producing less air as compared to the one which was curved. This project hence supports the hypothesis that curved tur…

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