562 Unit 3

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562 Unit 3

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562 Unit 3
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562 Unit 3
Fielder’s Contingency Theory of leadership identified three primary factors that are considered when moving leaders into situations that are appropriate for their leadership styles. The situational favorableness lies in the capacity of a leader to control a particular group in any circumstance. This element comes second in the contingency model that Fielder identified. More importantly, it is only those leaders with situational control, who are confident that whatever they say is followed.
On the contrary, those who cannot assume control of a situation are not sure whether their subordinates can follow and execute their demands. The reason behind it is the importance of situational control to leadership efficacy. This factor is broken down into three major components; Leader-member relations, the position of power and task structure. Furthermore, there is no ideal leader. Both the relationship-oriented and task-oriented leaders are only valid if their style fits a particular situation. The contingency theory gives room for envisaging the features of the appropriate circumstances for efficacy. Three primary factors are considered when in any situational control:
1. Leader-Member Relations, which refers to the level of mutual trust, confidence, and reverence among a leader and the juniors. In a case where the leader-member relationship is weak, the leader is likely to shift focus away from his subord…

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