5 Things I Hate About Food

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5 Things I Hate About Food

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Five Things I Hate About Food
Food is nutritious substances that contain vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, or minerals. These nutrients can be ingested by people or absorbed by plants to maintain life and growth. Food sustains the life of all living organisms whether plants or animals on earth. According to Elizabeth Phillips, who is a psychologist and whose psychology research focuses on tastes and eating, we can change the food we eat if we so choose. It is just a matter of time and effort (Fitzpatrick and Elyse 63)
Innate Preference: This is where food is genetically influenced. Tastes have evolutionary roots.Every child is born with a liking of sweetness and a dislike of anything sour or bitter. Sweet foods like fruits have nutrients and provide energy giving me a liking to them same to ripe fruits that are naturally sweet (Lucianovic and Stephanie 103).On the other hand, bitter tastes mostly common in plant toxins produces unpleasant taste in the mouth making me dislike them. The difference between sweetness and bitterness explains why I hate some food.
Learned preference: Most preference that I developed on food was learned and began even before I was born. The fetus at the womb inhales and exhales amniotic fluid flavored by the diet habits of the mother. As shown by scientists, newborns that were exposed to certain foods prenatally in amniotic fluid always have a less negative reaction to the odors a few days after birth….

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