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5 Scapes

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5 Scapes
Arjun Appadurai brings up the theory of global cultural flow in which he illustrates the effects and definition of cultural flows in five scapes: technoscapes, ethnoscapes, mediascapes, ideoscapes and financescapes. Technoscapes refers to the manner in which cultures are transmitted via cultural flow. Financescape entails universal movement of money (Appadurai 72). It deals with commodity, currency and trade whereas mediascapes refer to the electronic sufficiency in production of information via media.
Appadurai describes ideoscape as the movement of ideologies from different cultures to another. Finally, he defines ethnoscape as the transfer of the landscape of people across borders and customs; for instance immigrants, tourists, exiles, refugees and workers. Siapera’s discussion on multiculturalism has a vivid relation to Canadian ethnoscape context. Canadian multiculturalism entails social integration of diversities in ethnic originality. For instance, some people who originated from other countries as immigrants were terrorists and this posed the capabilities of terrorist attacks (Siapera p. 175).
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