4-2 Short Paper: Alternative Strategic Plan

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4-2 Short Paper: Alternative Strategic Plan

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Strategy alternative refers to identifying other plans that an organization might follow. An organization needs to develop strategic alternatives to make the right choices concerning to the organization (David, 2011). It is important because it sets the direction in which resources in an organization will be channelled to achieve maximum goals (Kaissi & Begun, 2008). The alternatives help the managers in making strategic options which the organization can use to fulfil her mission and vision.
On the other hand, an organization in healthcare must create a strategic plan that is flexible. The most significant healthcare change may be regarding Medicaid. The laws regarding this policy are likely to change to incorporate more people into the system (Reagan, 2018). The changes are most likely to originate from the red states with the aim of expanding the number of people accessing the services. Expansion may have a more significant impact on Tufts. Already, the organization is suffering from an increase Medicaid subscription. Also, the reimbursement made by the Medicaid plan is way below the high cost of medication. The policy originates from the state level. The strategic plan set by Tufts must be flexible to accommodate the problems brought by increased Medicaid beneficiaries (Jack & Powers, 2004).
My recommendation for Tufts would be on the diversification of her services. Tufts can invest in the product…

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