3 case studies have been given

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3 case studies have been given

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Social Work
Case Study 1
Domain 1 for Nina’s condition is post-traumatic stress disorder. She has had some negative experiences and was sexually molested by her father. It has led her startled, and the vaginal issue also led her to feel frustrated. She is feeling isolated because of the stress of the tragedy which is leading to the anti-social and withdrawn behavior. Nina also has social phobia and is afraid of facing her classmates while frequently fighting with her siblings. She will need extensive intervention and therapy so that she can be brought out of the depression.
Study 2
Domain 1 for Tim is eating disorder which disables him from eating healthy and the amount of food necessary for him to stay fit. He avoids food and keeps feeling that he is eating a lot. This condition leaves him anxious and agitated. Second domain for Tim is an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He has an obsession with cleanliness, and these people are always worried about doing everything perfectly. This is also illustrated in his behavior when he gets up two hours before school to get enough time to prepare. He does not only need psychological counselling but will also need regular medication.
Study 3
Domain 1 for Emily is social phobia since she is never comfortable in front of other people and her classmates. All her classmates and her teachers see her as an introvert child, and she is not pro-active in communicating with other children. This sh…

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