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Professor’s NameBob Dylan
Twentieth Century Composer: Bob Dylan
Sara is a song composed by Bob Dylan in 1976 in his album Desire (Dylan). Bob Dylan wrote this song at a time when their marriage with Sara Dylan was at the verge of divorce. Bob had married Sara in 1965, and he hoped that Sara could always be there for him. Later, Bob was unable to stay monogamous and went out sleeping with other ladies. Sara decided to divorce him because he never kept his promises. Bob wrote this song mainly as a way of convincing Sara to change her mind about divorcing him (Attwood 1).
Diary entry
20th July 1974
Dear diary,
Today was a very hectic day. In the morning, I had a terrible argument with Sara who wants to divorce me. She claims that I have not been able to deliver the promises I made to her. I am afraid about what will happen to my family and most importantly my children.
In the afternoon, I sat down with a pen and paper and composed a song and called it Sara hoping that it will help her change her mind. I do not want her to separate from me mostly because I was I never had time for her and our relationship.
I wonder what will happen next.
Bob Dylan.
Bob tried all he could do to stop his divorce. Nonetheless, it still happened. Although the main aim of this song was not achieved, the song also was used by other people for entertainment. The knowledge and understanding gained from music impact the listener’s life in several ways. There are those that ar…

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