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2007 James Kent

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2007 James Kent Forensic Report
The exercise of acquisition, assembling, analyzing, investigating and cataloging digital data on a computing device for court presentation is known as computer forensics. Devices with a capability to store information digitally could possess evidence in Internet browsing history, emails, documents, photographs, and folders. Contents of files, emails and folders or subfolders reveal the history of all activities in the data. Action on items ranges from when a user opened a document or webpage and timelines of modifications. This report highlights the child pornography case of James Kent, an Assistant Professor for Public Administration at Marist College in New York, U.S.A.
In 2007, Professor Kent’s is given a new computer for use in his office following a malfunction of his old computer device (Johnson). There is a transfer of all the hard drive files to his new processor from the previous computer. While running a virus scan on Kent’s computer, an employee notices folders and subfolders containing photos of children posing provocatively in swimsuits and lingerie. When the college administrators confront Kent about the images of the children, he denies awareness of the pictures. The college approaches the New York police department, for a forensic investigation (Johnson). Investigator Barry Friedman scrutinizes Professor Kent’s hard dive with the Encase Software. Encase software examines allocated space and …

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