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Generations of human rights presented by Weston

Generations of human rights presented by Weston
According to Weston, there are four generations of human rights as established by French jurist Karel Vasak (Weston, 1984). The first generation being that of civil and political rights were developed as a result of the political philosophy of liberal individualism and were negatively constructed to protect the people from the state. They include freedom from racial discrimination, right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery, freedom from arbitrary arrest or detention and freedom of expression. The second generation of human rights is that of economic, social and cultural rights which were formed in response to abuses and exploitation of people working for the colonial government. They include right to work, right to rest and leisure and right to education. The third generation is that of solidarity rights which comprise of rights that cannot be exerted by an individual but collectively. They include right to social, political, economic and cultural self-determination, right to peace and right to healthy and balanced environment. The fourth generation of human rights are the rights related to genetic engineering which are still on doctoral discussions on when can they be recognized or prohibited. They include rights of future generations and rights from the exploitation of cosmic space.
Organizing of human rights into generations is not relevant. The c…

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