2.05 graded assignment essay responce

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2.05 graded assignment essay responce

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2.05 Graded Assignment Essay Response
The basic argument in Clinton’s speech is that there is the need to integrate the change in American society with the view that much has not yet been achieved despite the nation’s progress. He gives the examples of individuals working more for less pay, others not having jobs, the severity of healthcare costs that affect the financial stability of the American citizens and children suffering from poverty. From his perspective, embracing change is beneficial when compared to disregarding it (Clinton). The former president uses various strategies in the speech that can be viewed as persuasive.
First, he makes reference to America’s past political leaders who are remembered for their significant contributions to the structuring of America. He highlights the global influence of George Washington and the principles held by Thomas Jefferson. By highlighting the former leaders, the speech exhibits the ethos rhetorical appeal as it illustrates that the president is familiar with his leadership role and what is expected from him. The references also contribute to the exhibition of a political tone in the speech. The use of a political tone in the speech serves to persuade the audience on the president’s leadership ambitions.
He also employs plenty of pathos rhetorical appeal by highlighting issues that the audience can relate with including using terms that illustrate his emotions on certain…

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