2.02Information Source Analysis

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2.02Information Source Analysis

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Information Source Analysis
Archer, Louise, and Merryn Hutchings. “‘Bettering Yourself’? Discourses of risk, cost and benefit
in ethnically diverse, young working-class non-participants’ constructions of higher education.” British Journal of Sociology of Education 21.4 (2000): 555-574.
Archer is a professor of Sociology of Education at the King’s College London, and Merryn is an Emeritus Professor at the London Metropolitan University. The two authors have done several research and authored many individual articles and books. Therefore, they have all the intellectual authority to discuss higher education. Moreover, they use numerous credible works from respected scholars in their properly organized piece to back their assertions. Concisely, this source is scholarly and one should have no reason to doubt the information in it.
Huber, Richard M. How Professors Play the Cat Guarding the Cream: Why We’re Paying More
and Getting Less in Higher Education. George Mason University Press, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030, 1992.
Huber Richard Miller got his Ph. D in American studies from the Yale University. He has also authored several books and edited more than 30. Further, Huber has been given numerous fellowships, awards, and honors for his writing and scholarship. Therefore, he is a highly competent writer and all his works are well researched. In addition to his education, experience, and accolades, he al…

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