18th Century Newspaper Project

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18th Century Newspaper Project

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Satirical Articles
Different authors wrote satirical articles focusing on issues in 18th century England. Satire is referred to the use of ridicule, irony and sarcasm to expose a particular issue in society. Most satires give express opinions on public matters. The article “A Life of Jonathan Swift, Beyond Satire” elaborates on the use of satire by Jonathan Swift. Jonathan used satire to discuss the social issues and follies of the government during the 18th century. In his writing, “A Modest Proposal” he exposes the flaws regarding the poverty levels in Ireland and the enormous influence of the British government (McNamara). Jonathan aimed at preventing the people of Ireland from looking children as a burden. Swift proposed the idea of eating children to feed the starving people of Ireland. This idea is ridiculous in that it could not have been taken seriously by the government. The objective of the notion was to criticize the ruling class and bring light about the situation. Furthermore, it was aimed at asking the society for change since they could not continue living in poor conditions. Moreover, he satirized with those who made suggestions about resolving the issue of forced labor without human cost being involved.
01571625Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Conditions of living in the 18th Century England
Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Conditions of living in the 18th Century England
The article, “The Rape…

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