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13th movie

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The film 13th starts with the audio of Barrack Obama explaining how the United States is home to the highest number of prisoners in comparison to the population (DuVernay, 2016). Pictures of black people suffering in slavery are shown with accompanying voices explaining the nature of their suffering. Images of the civil war appear with explanations on how the war would lead to the birth of the nation.
Blacks face harassment through beating and torture while the white government also blames them for being members of a Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Blaming Africans about KKK activities is a way of ensuring that the police target and kill them. Members of the KKK turn into a revolutionary movement and start killing Negros through hanging. The white killing is a way of intimidating the blacks so that they can stop their liberation activities. KKK turns away from actual murder and starts discriminating Negros especially by barring them from voting (DuVernay, 2016). They did this since they knew that the blacks could voice their concerns through the ballot. The confrontation turns physical where black civil rights leaders are labeled as criminals and are after that imprisoned. The impoverished African Americans take the blame for the increased crime rate which is unfair. The government starts recognizing the rights movements and at the same time crime rates skyrocket. Many blacks are imprisoned reason being that they are caught usin…

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